Senior Staff

Our senior staff members bring a range of international expertise and strategic policy experience to the dialogue around Canada-Asia engagement.

President and CEO, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Vice-President, Research and Programs
Vice-President, Operations and Networks
Vice-President, Toronto Office
Vice-President, Prairie Region
Area of Expertise: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
Senior Advisor, Toronto Office
Area of Expertise: India, higher education, government relations, business development

Research Staff

Alisha Clancy
Program Manager, APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership
Jordan Dupuis
Program Manager, Toronto Office
Scott Harrison
Program Manager
Iris Jin
Senior Program Manager, Trade, Investment, Innovation and Canada-China Relations
Serena Ko
Program Manager, Networks and Research Grants
Andrew Weiling Lee
Research Associate
Amar Nijhawan
Project Specialist, APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership Project
Nadine Oliver
Project Specialist, The Asia Factor in Ontario
Kate Scullin
Program Officer, Kakehashi Project
Pauline Stern
Project Specialist, Trade and Investment
Erin Williams
Program Manager, Skills and Competencies
Yushu Zhu
Program Manager, Surveys and Polling

Post-Graduate Research Fellows

Dongwoo Kim
Justin Kwan
Sebastian Murdoch-Gibson

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