Canada-Asia Agenda Submission Guidelines

Canada-Asia Agenda is an online publication of research-based analysis focused on contemporary issues and events in Asia that can inform discussion on Canada-Asia relations.

We welcome submissions from academics, journalists, policy analysts and other experts who have specialized knowledge in Asia Pacific politics, diplomacy, security, economics, business, social change, innovation, geography, education, culture, and media.

Our readership is large and diverse, including academics, government and ex-government officials, journalists, students, and the general public.

Publication under the Canada-Asia Agenda banner provides authors with:

  • wider exposure of their work;
  • new channels of distribution; and,
  • a global platform to contribute in a meaningful way to Canadian dialogue and opinion on Asia.  

If you are interested in contributing to Canada-Asia Agenda, please review the submissions guidelines and requirements below. We also encourage you to browse recent issues of Canada Asia Agenda to become familiar with the types of topics covered and our preferred writing style.

Submission Guidelines

We will only consider for review submissions that meet the following criteria:

  • Provides new information and/or a fresh perspective on current events in Asia or an issue relevant to the contemporary Canada-Asia relationship.
  • Is written in a non-academic, evidence-based analysis style for audiences who are knowledgeable about Asia, but not necessarily subject matter experts.
  • Includes a section, if possible, that demonstrates why Canadians should be concerned about the topic.

Unsolicited authors should contact APF Canada prior to submission. Please send a brief self-introduction and a 200-word or less paper proposal to Scott Harrison at

Additional Requirements

Articles should be between 2,000 and 2,500 words, not including title, author’s name and endnotes.

  • Articles should have no more than five endnotes. We encourage authors to use hyperlinks rather than endnotes. Please embed the hyperlink directly in the text, followed by the full URL in parentheses.
  • Paragraphs should be short (3-5 sentences), with frequent use of subheadings.
  • Author(s) should submit a 1-2-line bio.
  • We encourage authors to include images, tables, charts or figures; these should be copyright-cleared and submitted as separate Microsoft Excel or Power Point files. Authors should indicate directly in the body copy where these items should be placed (e.g. “Insert Table 1 Here”).
  • All submissions go through a review process so please note that an invitation to submit or unsolicited submission does not guarantee publication.

Please send full articles or direct any questions to Scott Harrison at


We provide a CA$500 honourarium for all submissions that are published in Canada-Asia Agenda. This payment is made through APF Canada’s research grants program, funded through the proceeds of an endowment established by the Government of Canada. Our grants program is designed to support research and informed discussion on Canada’s relations with Asia.

Recipients of a Canada Asia Agenda grant will be issued a T4A.

The Foundation reserves the right to cite the results of research funded under the grants program, and grant recipients may be called upon for media and outreach activities co-ordinated by APF Canada.

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