Canada-China Human Capital Dialogue

The Canada-China Human Capital Dialogue is a research partnership between think-tanks of the two countries on the opportunities and challenges of managing and capitalizing talent flows between Canada and China.

In November 2011, the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APFC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with three China-based think-tanks to formalize a collaborative research partnership on Canada-China human capital flows. The Canada-China Human Capital Dialogue (the 'Project') was launched at the China-Canada Talent Flows and Development Cooperation Conference in Beijing, China. The Project aims to better understand the key factors contributing to human capital exchange in both countries in the context of globalization, as well as develop and share policy recommendations to improve the management of human capital flows between both countries. For questions and comments on the project, please click here.

An article by APF Canada Senior Project Manager Kenny Zhang on Canada's untapped human capital in China was published by the Canada-China Business Forum in their 2013-2014 issue. The article is available here.