Songyee Yoon, ABLAC 2020 Chair

Yoon Songyee

Songyee Yoon, ABLAC 2020 Chair

Chief Executive Officer, NCSOFT West (Korea)

Dr. Yoon is the CEO of NCSOFT West, responsible for managing the organization and planning the company's globalization strategy. She has been instrumental in the launch of many of NCSOFT's titles in the US and Europe, and in moving the company toward new initiatives, including the development of the mobile studio in San Mateo and research into new technologies such as AI. Dr. Yoon is also President and Global Chief Strategy Officer of NCSOFT in Korea. A graduate of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and PhD recipient from MIT, Dr. Yoon started her career at McKinsey & Company. From there, she held various roles including Vice President of Communication Intelligence at SK Telecom before joining NCSOFT in 2008. She has been recognized by various organizations for her leadership throughout the years including being named to the Wall Street Journal’s 50 Women to Watch in 2004.

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