Vilupti Lok Barrineau

Vilupti Lok Barrineau

Vice-President, Operations and Networks

Vilupti Lok Barrineau is Vice-President, Operations and Networks, with the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada).  Vilupti has championed the causes of equality, malaria mitigation, and micro-credit access for the UN and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She was Managing Director of the ‘Financial Access Initiative’ for Harvard, Yale, and New York universities, and established and managed the ‘Global Network for Banking Innovation in Microfinance’ for Women's World Banking.

Vilupti has worked globally with finance ministries, central banks, and heads of state, and pioneered new thinking on financial inclusion that led to the World Bank and IMF’s global indicator on financial inclusion. Most recently, she was a Senior Director with APF Canada, responsible for the APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership, a $4.74-million, four-year project funded by the Government of Canada and aimed at increasing global market access for micro, small, and medium enterprises to help stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty in the APEC region.

As a volunteer, Vilupti has organized major international concerts to promote music and peace, and is a well-known public speaker. She holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia.

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