The Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor: Gaining a Competitive Edge by Doing Security Differently

Current security programs cannot respond adequately to the complex, interconnected Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative. The individuals, governments and businesses leading the Gateway Initiative must take a broad view of security - across the entire network of systems, processes, players and facilities that comprise the Initiative. They should develop a coherent, integrated security strategy to deal collectively with all threats and hazards on the horizon, and focus on positioning security as a competitive asset, as well as a means to enhance efficiency and performance.

Aggressive domestic security actions taken since the September 11 terrorist attacks, along with enhancements to Canada's public safety, intelligence, public health, critical infrastructure protection and emergency management programs, provide a sound foundation for Gateway-Corridor security. But more is required. Gaps and deficiencies exist in both attitudes and capabilities. Gateway-Corridor security requires a holistic approach that encompasses the myriad of security programs developed independently within public and private organizations. The current patchwork approach is not producing the necessary integration and cohesion of effort across sectors, jurisdictions and all modes of transportation.

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