Nuclear Fallout -- Implication of the World's Nuclear Deal With India

On September 6, 2008 the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) agreed to exempt India from its rules barring nuclear dealings with countries that lack comprehensive international safeguards on their nuclear facilities.  Exempting India clears the penultimate obstacle to the implementation of the civilian nuclear cooperation agreement initiated by India and the US in July 2005, reversing India’s decades-long isolation from the world’s civilian nuclear trade regime. Letting India back in from the cold will reshape the global non-proliferation regime fundamentally, though the deepest impacts are years away, and calls into question whether the most powerful NSG member states are still willing to place collective non-proliferation objectives above short-term political advantage or commercial gain. Canada, an NSG member, has emerged as a full supporter of opening the nuclear door to India. This represents a dramatic shift from Canada’s long-standing objections to India’s nuclear weapons development. See also an article by Dr. T. V. Paul in the Other Analysis category (The India-U.S. Nuclear Accord: Critics Neglect the Big Picture) challenging some of Dr. Huntley's positions.

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