Conseils des jeune

In 2016, we launched the Asia Pacific Youth Council (APYC), a group of Vancouver-area students and young professionals who engage their peers around issues that matter to them. Highlights include the Talk to Me About Asia event series that featured local entrepreneurs with experience working in or with Asia; the Asia Pacific Mentorship Program, which paired university students and recent graduates with young professionals—in business, finance, the arts, academia, international development, and other fields; and the APYC’s Floor 9 Salon Series events, which have included a film screening with young Asian Canadian filmmakers and a panel discussion with South Asian Canadian artists.

Since 2018, our Toronto office has also hosted a local APYC, with programming focused on global cities, career planning amid the pandemic, and a 2019 podcast entitled “Have Your Say,” showcasing the COVID-19 experiences of Asian students in Canada and Canadian students in Asia.

The bios of current Asia Pacific Youth Council members can be found here.