Energy Summit Held to Discuss Challenges & Opportunities in a New Era of Trans-Pacific Energy

Vancouver, BC - April 4, 2013 – More than 150 energy & environment experts, business and policy leaders from Canada, Asia and the United States gathered today at the “Forging Trans-Pacific Cooperation for a New Energy Era,” Pacific Energy Summit to hear international leaders address the the energy security and environmental challenges facing our economies and citizens.

The event was co-hosted by The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) in partnership with the Asian Development Bank.

“It was very informative to engage so many national leaders, industry leaders and energy experts at today’s forum,” said Dennis Blair, former Director of National Intelligence and NBR Board Director. “Thanks to Vancouver’s unique position as a gateway between Asia and North America, we were able to bring players in the energy sector around Asia and the world to Canada. Making sure the twin challenges of rising energy demand and global climate change are addressed is key to economic and energy security in the Asia-Pacific. We need to continue to foster an open dialogue on practical solutions to our energy issues.”

The U.S. and Canada have traditionally led in energy production resulting in thousands of jobs, low energy prices for consumers and a strong economy. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in demand in Asia and new production in North America. Today’s industry, policymakers and experts must address not only the geopolitical impact of these trends, but the impact on investors’ decisions and the role of North America in global energy markets.

“Infrastructure investments today will determine future fuel choices, both what is produced and where, and what is consumed and by whom,” said Kevin Lynch, BMO Financial Group. “Energy investments are a high-risk, high-reward calculation, and Canada and North America are well positioned to be global energy leaders well into the future provided elected officials and industry leaders support policies that encourage innovation.”

WHO: 2013 Summit Featured Speakers

• Elyse ALLAN, President & CEO, GE Canada

• Dennis BLAIR, The National Bureau of Asian Research Board of Directors, United States

• Charles W. BOUSTANY, Jr., House of Representatives, United States

• Seethapathy CHANDER, Asian Development Bank, Philippines

• Mikkal HERBERG, The National Bureau of Asian Research; University of California, San Diego, United States

• Robert D. HORMATS, Department of State, United States

• Ed FAST, Ministry of Trade, Canada

• Ken HUGHES, Alberta Ministry of Energy, Canada

• Peter HUGHES, Peter Hughes Energy Advisory Limited, United Kingdom

• Muhammad Enamul HUQ, Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Bangladesh

• Ken KOYAMA, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

• Kevin LYNCH, BMO Financial Group, Canada

• Tadashi MAEDA, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Japan

• Carlos Jericho PETILLA, Department of Energy, Philippines

• Paul SIEGELE, Chevron Energy Technology Company, United States

• WANG Zhen, China University of Petroleum at Beijing, China

• Alice WONG, Minister of State for Seniors, Canada

• Yuen Pau WOO, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Canada

• Satya YUDHA, Commission VII, House of Representatives, Indonesia

WHAT: “Forging Trans-Pacific Cooperation for a New Energy Era”

WHEN: April 2-4, 2013

WHERE: Vancouver, Canada

About the Summit: Building Economic and Environmental Security through Innovative Energy Solutions

The Pacific Energy Summit aims to foster economic and energy security in the Asia-Pacific by developing practical solutions to the twin challenges of rising energy demand and global climate change.

The Summit convenes policymakers, industry leaders and experts to:

• articulate regional energy needs and opportunities to explore innovative technology and policy solutions;
• coordinate efforts to make effective use of available technology and limited resources; and
• foster public-private partnerships.

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About The National Bureau of Asia Research

NBR conducts advanced independent research on strategic, political, economic, globalization, health, and energy issues affecting U.S. relations with Asia. Drawing upon an extensive network of the world’s leading specialists and leveraging the latest technology, NBR bridges the academic, business, and policy arenas.

About the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is an independent think tank on Canada’s relations with Asia. As a national not-for-profit organization established by an Act of the Federal Parliament in 1984, the Foundation brings together people and knowledge to provide current and comprehensive research, analysis and information on Canada’s transpacific relations.

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