APF Canada Report Offers Policy Recommendations for a Comprehensive Canadian Response to Key Developments in the Asia Pacific

Vancouver, B.C. – August 29, 2013 – The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada today released a summary report from its Canada-Asia 2013 conference putting forward policy recommendations for a comprehensive Canadian roadmap in response to key developments in the Asia Pacific region. The Canada-Asia 2013 Summary Report is based on the findings from the Canada-Asia 2013 conference, which took place in Vancouver on June 3-5, 2013.

The full report provides a detailed overview of the opportunities for Canada in Asia’s growing service sector, opportunities for Canada to meet Asia’s demand for clean technology innovations, building Canadian influence and improving its standing in the Asia Pacific region, and preparing the next generation of Canadians for the rising global importance of Asia.

Key recommendations include:

• The Canadian Government should convene an annual Asia-forward planning roundtable with the federal cabinet and leaders of Canadian companies that are active in Asia. The roundtable could help focus the government’s Asia strategy, identify challenges, opportunities, and draw up new public/private initiatives.

• Canada needs to expand its engagement with Asia, including through playing a greater role in regional organizations like APEC.

• Canada needs to develop an Asia-ready workforce and entrepreneurs. This begins in schools where Canadian students should be given the necessary skills to succeed in an Asia-centric world.

• Government can play a substantial role in expanding the size of Canada’s clean tech sector through price signals and other incentives to stimulate green innovation.

• Government should develop a national security policy with regard to Asia.

• Governments and the private sector should support capacity-building efforts in Asian economies in areas such as intellectual property rights, national safety and consumer product standards.

The full report can be downloaded here.

The conference brought together over 500 leaders from across Canada and Asia to discuss emerging trends in Asia and Canada’s response to them. Among those in attendance were nearly 100 leading experts from Asia affiliated with the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, as well as 30 next-generation leaders from across the Asia Pacific Region.

The conference was generously supported in part by our Presenting Partners: Sun Life Financial and Teck; Major Partners: BMO Financial Group and Shell; Supporting Partners: Canada-China Chamber of Commerce, Export Development Canada, Government of Alberta, Government of British Columbia, HSBC Bank Canada, Manulife Financial, and Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management; Associate Partners: AON, CN and West Fraser; and Media Partner: The Globe and Mail. For more information about the conference, click here.


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