APF Canada’s 2015 National Opinion Poll: Canadian Views on the Trans-Pacific Partnership


VANCOUVER, BC – October 28, 2015 According to the 2015 National Opinion Poll (NOP) Canadian Views on the Trans-Pacific Partnership released today by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada), Canadian opinion is evenly split on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), with 41 per cent expressing support for the TPP and 38 per cent opposed to the free trade agreement.

Similarly, 33% of Canadians think the TPP will be good for the economy, while 31% think it will be harmful, highlighting increasingly divided views toward the 12-member trade agreement compared to past surveys on the deal.

“This is a significant, historic deal for Canada,” said APF Canada President and CEO, Stewart Beck. “It encompasses a combined market of C$28.5 trillion, or 40 per cent of the global economy, and opens up unprecedented opportunities for Canadian business. Our poll indicates, however, that the Canadian public is still learning about the details of the deal, who’s involved, and what implications ratification will have for Canada’s economy.”

According to the new poll, Canadians are not against free trade agreements (66% support signing FTAs in general). Indeed, there is strong support for agreements with nine of the 11 TPP countries, with support particularly high for some of the larger signatories, such as Australia (77%), the U.S. (77%) and Japan (70%). This indicates a gap between Canadians’ strong support for trade and free trade agreements generally, and their soft support for the TPP specifically.

“Our poll suggests that proponents of the TPP need to position and promote the new deal in a way that appeals to Canadians’ desire to participate in an open global marketplace,” said Beck. “Selling the deal now requires bringing Canadian public opinion in line with the vision and opportunities embodied in the deal.”

For over 10 years, APF Canada’s National Opinion Poll has examined Canadian opinion and attitudes towards Canada’s engagement with Asia. This year, APF Canada commissioned EKOS to conduct the survey. A total of 1,554 adult Canadians were polled between September 9 and September 17, 2015.

The full poll results are available at www.asiapacific.ca

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