APF Canada Accepting Applications for 2015 Foreign Press Centre of Japan Media Fellowship Program

April 2, 2015 - Vancouver, BC - The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is accepting applications on behalf of the Foreign Press Center of Japan (FPCJ) for the FPCJ’s 2015 Media Fellowship Program.

The program is designed to enable foreign journalists to broadcast or write articles that will give their audience accurate and up-to-date information on Japan with the goal of deepening friendly relations and mutual understanding between Japan and Canada.

 The broad themes of the 2015 program are:

  •  Topics related to Japan’s diplomacy
  • 70 years since the end of World War II
  • Japan’s efforts for peace
  • Japan in East Asia: Politics, economy, diplomacy, security, human interaction
  • Sustained Growth and Societal Development
  • Vitalizing Local Economies: Approaches to an aging population, declining birth rate, medicine, nursing care, multiple cultures, and depopulation
  • Developing Sustainable Cities: Waste disposal, water sanitation management, energy, public transportation, crime prevention
  • Science and Technology: Fundamental research, robot development
  • Disaster Prevention and Reduction: Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, climate change, Great East Japan Earthquake, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, creating towns resilient to disasters
  • Japanese Culture and Values: Traditional culture, food culture, pop culture, order, perseverance, and attention to detail
  • Japanese Economic Recovery
  • Growth Strategy and exiting deflation
  • Industrial competitiveness, efforts by small and medium enterprises
  • Consumption tax increase
  • A society in which women shine
  • Youth employment

The FPCJ covers the following expenses for each Journalist Fellow:

  • Return economy-class air tickets to and from Tokyo by the most direct route available
  • Accommodation fee for the duration of the fellowship, including breakfast
  • Per-diem (¥6,000 per day; ¥3,000 on the day of arrival and departure, and on the day of the FPCJ-hosted luncheon)
  • Return bus fare to and from Narita Airport and the Tokyo hotel
  • Travel expenses for any travel out of Tokyo to a city which is over 100 km one-way in Japan’s Railway calculation
  • Interpreters and escorts for interviews
  • Insurance for the duration of the fellowship

The itinerary will be determined based on each journalist’s requests. The recipients of the FPCJ Fellowships will spend between six nights and seven days and ten nights and eleven days in Japan. The journalists should provide FPCJ with an overview of which locations and people he or she would like to meet, and which topics he or she would like to discuss, preferably including a list of four or five questions for each intended interview. 

*Note: Due to the intensive nature of the Program, the FPCJ requests that participants be occupied with business activities on weekdays.

To apply for the fellowship, interested journalists should request an application form (and if applicable provide any past article(s) on Japan or East Asia as a PDF attachment) via email to michael.roberts@asiapacific.ca. The deadline for applications to APF Canada is April 16, 2015.



About the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada:

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) is a not-for-profit organization focused on Canada's relations with Asia. Our mission is to be Canada's catalyst for engagement with Asia and Asia’s bridge to Canada.

 A leader in research and analysis on Canada-Asia relations for over 30 years, APF Canada partners with government, business leaders, academics, and opinion makers in Canada and across the Asia Pacific region to offer clear, specific, and actionable policy advice.

Established by an Act of Parliament in 1984, APF Canada's thematic priorities include: promoting trade, investment, and innovation; mobilizing energy assets; building skills and competencies; and, understanding Asia now.

Visit APF Canada at www.asiapacific.ca


About the Foreign Press Center of Japan (FPCJ):

The Foreign Press Center of Japan (FPCJ) is a non-profit independent private organization established in October 1976. Its mission is to provide foreign journalists, both resident and visiting, with necessary assistance and co-operation for collecting accurate and up-to-date information on Japan and to disseminate valuable information sent out from many different places and fields in Japan to the world.    
Visit FPCJ at http://fpcj.jp/en/

For more information please contact:
Michael Roberts
Communications Manager
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Office: 604-630-1527

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