APF Canada Releases Report on Canadian Companies Doing Business in India

Vancouver, BC – April 13, 2015 — The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) today announced the release of a new research report exploring the recent experiences of Canadian companies in India entitled, Canadian Companies That Do Business in India: New Landscapes, New Players and the Outlook for Canada.

The report by APF Canada research consultant (India) Douglas Goold is based on field interviews with business leaders and officials in Canada and India. It outlines and assesses the experience of Canadian companies doing business in contemporary India, provides advice to corporate executives and policy-makers, and presents a snapshot of the Canada-India relationship on the eve of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official visit to Canada April 14-16, 2015.

“Doug Goold’s report comes at a pivotal time in Canada’s relationship with India,” said APF Canada President and CEO Stewart Beck. “We have the first official visit by an Indian prime minister to Canada in over 40 years this week, while in India the political landscape has changed dramatically under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership.”

Added Beck: “There is a widespread sense of hope in India that Modi’s programs and reforms will restore India’s position as a leading emerging economy, while here in Canada there is renewed sense of confidence in Modi’s pro-business agenda and the opportunities it presents for Canada—particularly in the areas of energy security, food security, education and skills development, and long-term investment.”

Goold’s report is a follow-up to his similar 2010 field study of Canadian companies operating in India, Doing Business in India: Success, Failure and the Prospects for Canada. The current study builds on the former and provides a five-year metric for comparisons.To view the report, click here.


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