Canadian Wheat Exports to China Grow Amid China-US Tariff Dispute

Canada's wheat exports to China jumped nearly 200 per cent from January to November 2018 as China stopped buying from U.S. farmers amid a tariff dispute. Statistics Canada data shows total Canadian wheat exports grew nearly 13 per cent during that time from about 15 million tonnes to roughly 17 million tonnes. Wheat exports to China grew from about 436,000 tonnes between January and November 2017 to nearly 1.3 million tonnes in the same months of 2018. Data for December is not yet available. The U.S. Wheat Associates says on its website that American farmers have been shut out of the Chinese market since March 2018 after China announced it would impose a retaliatory 25-per-cent import tariff on American wheat. The group put out a statement in July saying the ongoing trade conflict is already hurting farmers.

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