Chinese Carmaker Chooses BlackBerry for Key Software

The Financial Post reports in its June 22, 2018 edition that a Chinese carmaker that wants to bring out a line of electric cars with some self-driving capabilities has selected Waterloo, ON-headquartered BlackBerry to provide software designed to ensure critical systems run safely at all times. A Canadian Press dispatch to the Post says that BlackBerry will license its QNX technology for use in Byton's first series of intelligent production vehicles, which are to come out in the Chinese market in 2019 and for the United States and Europe the following year. Byton's first vehicles will not be driverless, but will have some autonomous capabilities. Byton vice-president Jeff Chung said the carmaker aims to integrate navigation, infotainment and critical functions. BlackBerry QNX will provide its operating system as well as other software, which isolates subsystems to ensure that safety-critical systems, such as the instrument cluster, can run safely.

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