Ontario’s Avivagen's OxC-Beta Receives New Zealand Approval

Ottawa-headquartered Avivagen Inc. has received GRAS (generally regarded as safe) regulatory approval for its OxC-Beta feed supplement for use in livestock in New Zealand, a significant exporter of dairy and dairy products, as well as beef. Avivagen said it will leverage this approval in other jurisdictions as New Zealand is often viewed as the regulatory "gold standard" upon which other nations often take their regulatory guidance. Avivagen said New Zealand has about 6.5 million dairy cows, a number approximately 70 per cent of the United States and 50 per cent of the Chinese herd size. OxC-Beta, based on beta-carotene, the same carotenoid that gives carrots their vivid orange hue, acts as natural alternative to antibiotics in animal feed.

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