Quebec’s DIAGNOS Announces New Contract with Government in Bangladesh

Longueuil, QC-headquartered DIAGNOS Inc., a company focused on early detection of critical health issues through the use of its FLAIRE platform based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), has announced the opening of the first eye screening diabetic clinic with a world leading global health research institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Eyes For All (EFA) is working with a group that operates multiple clinics and hospitals in the country. The group, with the help of EFA, wants to screen patients for diabetic retinopathy when patients come to evaluate their blood sugar. The plan is to screen up to 80 patients per day at the initial clinic. In the coming months, they expect to expand the coverage in other clinics. EFA is a health technology consultancy company with relationships in Bangladesh across Non-Government Organizations, healthcare research institutes, and the public sector hospital network.

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