Quebec’s Dundee Sustainable Files for Patents in China

Montreal-headquartered Dundee Sustainable Technologies (DST), a company focused on environmentally-friendly technologies for the mining industry, has filed new patents in China and has commenced a metallurgical test program with a Chinese gold processing company on high-grade gold- and-arsenic-bearing material. According to DST’s president, company representatives recently returned from a trade mission to China in co-operation with the government of Canada and the Mississauga-headquartered Mining Suppliers Trade Association. During the trip, representatives met with numerous miners, mineral processors, and engineering companies in the gold and base metals sectors. As a result of these meetings, DST has initiated preliminary lab-scale test work with a Chinese company from which it has received high-grade gold-and-arsenic-bearing samples to test the efficacy of the Chinese firm’s cyanide-free gold extraction and arsenic vitrification technologies. DST’s patent applications will become the foundation for protection and development of the company's arsenic vitrification IP in China. The company has been issued similar patents in the U.S. and has filed patent applications for this technology in Canada, Argentina, Australia, and several countries through the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

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