Western Premiers' Conference to Discuss Canada's Relations with Asia

The Western Premiers' Conference, which will be held in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories from June 20 to22, will bring together premiers from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon, to discuss ways to advance western priorities and strengthen cooperation between western jurisdictions. During the meetings they will discuss energy issues and examine Canada's relations with the U.S. and Asia. Ahead of the meeting, Alberta Premier Stelmach remarked, "Our future prosperity will be determined by our ability to tap into rapidly growing Asian economies. If we're going to sell our products in countries like China or India, we need to be able to get those products to market. It's critical that we in the West work together to ensure the infrastructure we need-the pipelines, the ports, the railways-is in place and up to date."

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