Windsor, ON's Public Board to Enrol K-12 Students from South Korea

The Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) has partnered with a South Korean high school to bring more international students to Windsor. On December 3, GECDSB signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding with Yuhan Technical High School, promising to "develop and implement programs for students that promote internationalism, language and multiculturalism." The GECDSB's superintendent of education said international students from South Korea will be required to pay a tuition fee to attend Windsor's public schools at the K-12 level totalling about C$13,000. The school board mandates all international students stay with a host family in Windsor, as they would be under 18, so they can be assigned to a legal guardian. The superintendent said the public board will use existing partnerships with English as a second language programs and support workers to ensure translation services are provided. The GECDSB said between 20 and 50 students from South Korea could be enrolled in Windsor's public schools in the upcoming school year.

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