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APF Canada Researchers Examine the Re-emergence of Anti-Asian Racism

Personal Perspectives: Our Researchers Discuss Anti-Asian Racism in Canada

In this special episode of Asia Watch: Beyond the Headlines, APF Canada researchers Dongwoo Kim and Julia Nguyen discuss their personal experiences as young adult Canadians amid the re-emergence of anti-Asian racism during COVID-19, and the "visceral" impact of the recent racist and misogynist mass shootings in Atlanta, Georgia that claimed the lives of eight people, including six Asian women.

In a difficult but necessary discussion with APF Canada President and CEO Stewart Beck about the lingering undercurrent of anti-Asian racism in Canada and its recent manifestations, Julia and Dongwoo share their experiences with identity, gender, and community in Canada as Asian Canadians. Together they discuss the policy changes, education initiatives, and diaspora engagement that could help inform real and lasting change.

Listen to this episode of Asia Watch: Beyond the Headlines for a deeper understanding of an issue that is stirring discussion and social action across Canada and beyond.