Canada-Korea Middle Power Strategies: Historical Examples as Clues to Future Success

This report provides an overview and analysis of Canada’s past engagement in middle power diplomacy, including an examination of some of the key factors for successful middle power activism. Part I of the report looks at the ‘niche’ occupied by middle powers in international affairs and the conditions that allow for successful middle power leadership and cooperation. Part II looks specifically at several issue areas that have been identified for possible middle power initiative, with particular attention to the emerging fields of ‘green growth’ and energy efficiency, and support for complex humanitarian emergencies. This section concludes with a discussion of the likelihood of middle power success in these areas. Part III discusses possible avenues for Canada and Korea to engage in joint strategies to bring about outcomes that would be in both countries’ interests. 

This report was produced to support the work of the Study Group on Korea-Canada Middle Power Strategies, formed as part of the annual Canada-Korea Forum. This work received financial support from the Korea Foundation.

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