Canadians Abroad: Canada’s Global Asset Capstone Report

Canadians have always had mixed feelings about their fellow citizens who choose to live outside of the country. For more than three decades, concerns about “brain drain” and the liabilities associated with Canadians abroad have shaped public debate about Canadian emigration.  This research report aims: to determine the number and demographics of Canadians living abroad for periods of more than one year; better understand the attachments these Canadians have to Canada; ascertain how Canadians feel about citizenship rights, taxation and consular services for Canadians abroad; and identify pressing policy issues and recommend possible solutions.

The infographic below, produced by APF Canada, is just a snapshot of the Canadians Abroad: Canada’s Global Asset capstone report. For the full report please click here.

Click here to see the full size version of the infographic.

Click here to see the small version of the infographic.

The “Mapping Canadians Abroad” Infographic Poster

If you’re interested in a print of “What Canadians Think of Asia”, click here for print-friendly PDF version.

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