Conference Report: International Seminar on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Open Talent Policy

This report summarizes the findings of the International Seminar on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Open Talent Policies, which was organized by the Chinese Academy of Personnel Science, Southwest Jiaotong University, and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. Held in Chengdu, China in November 2014, the conference provided the opportunity for Canadian, Chinese and other international participants to discuss best practices and theories on the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies and open talent policies, and the importance of innovative talent. During the course of the discussions, experts had the opportunity to share different national experiences with innovation strategies, the construction of national innovation systems, and ways to foster talent.

Several themes emerged during the seminar, including:
• How should we conceptualize innovation? How do we define innovation and what are its key components?
• Why is a discussion on innovation essential for both Canada and China?
• What is the role of the government in stimulating innovation?
• What are the key barriers to innovation? How does the fear of failure impede innovation?
• Based on the experiences of different countries, what are the ways to create an innovation platform?
• What are the elements of an open talent policy?
• What drives and impedes international collaboration on innovation? What are the opportunities for collaboration between Canada and China?

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