Emerging Trends Reshaping Asia

In this special edition of Research Reports, we look ahead to the major trends that will re-shape the Asia-Pacific region in the next ten to fifteen years. These short briefs analyze emerging trends in areas such as e-commerce, financial architecture, regional security, urbanization and green urban growth, and climate change. The briefs discuss the potential impact of these trends on Asia, and the possible ramifications for Canadian interests. This project was created for Policy Horizons Canada's Foresight on the Future of Asia Project.  

Click on the titles below to view the briefs in English and French.

Brain Drain to Brain Gain: Reverse Migration to Asia

De la fuite à l'afflux des cervaux : la migration en sens inverse en Asie


Climate Change and the Risk of Displacement in Asia

Les changements climatiques et le risque de déplacements en asie


Cross-Border Air Pollution in Asia

La pollution atmosphérique transfrontalière en Asie


E-commerce in Asia: The Growth of the Online Marketplace

Le commerce en ligne en Asie : l'esson des cybermarchés


Financial Architecture

L'arcitecture financière


Fragmentation and Resurgence of Islamic Terrorist Groups in Asia

La fragmentation et la résurgence des groupes terroristes Islamistes en Asie


Robots as a Social Solution or Social Disruption in Asia?

Les robots apporteront-ils une solution ou un perturbation sociale en Asie


Shifting Composition of Asia-Pacific Security Architecture

La composition changeante de l'architecture de sécurité de l'Asie-Pacifique


The Silver Lining: Opportunities in Aging in Asia

Le côté positif des choses : Opportunitées d'une Asie vieillissante


Urbanizing Asia and Green Urban Growth

L'urbanisation de l'Asie et la croissance urbaine verte

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