International Collaboration and Innovation: Comparing Innovation Zones in the Chinese Market

China piloted special economic and technological zones to develop international collaborations and experiment with policy design. This report offers a preliminary overview of three innovation zones in China: Suzhou Industrial Park, Tianjin Eco-city, and Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing. The research presented incorporates three site visits and interviews with over 60 personnel working for companies, governments, and institutions associated with innovation zones.

The report offers insights on how national innovation policies and goals are being put into practice at a local level. It examines the key attributes necessary for the development of an innovation ecosystem within a local area, and reviews the target zones based on these attributes.

The attributes examined include human resources, physical resources, capital resources, and government support. The report highlights two innovation partnerships that have emerged between Canada and China, and discusses future research that will contribute to a better understanding of the best ways to foster international innovation
partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region. It has implications for both policy-makers and practitioners working with innovation zones.