Through our data-driven research, transpacific networks, and proven convening capabilities, the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is uniquely positioned to support Canadian businesses and governments in engaging more effectively with Asian economies and markets.

Our core mission is to provide these key stakeholders with the tools they need to achieve the 'next level' of engagement with Asia and benefit from the region's growing economy through enhanced trade, investment, and innovation connectivity.

COVID-19 Update: APF Canada is currently re-focusing its research to assist stakeholders in Canada with understanding the COVID-19 situation across the Asia Pacific, with an emphasis on best practices that may be applicable for Canada. Please see our APF Canada COVID-19 alert for more information.We are unable to provide our regular Services offerings at this time. If you have specific queries related to the COVID-19 situation in the Asia Pacific, please get in touch with Lauren Chang, Program Manager. We would be pleased to discuss custom briefing reports, webinars, online events, and data requests in line with this developing topic.

APF Canada's Research, Education, and Network centres are the primary mechanisms for organizing our research and business intelligence products and services. Our services include: