Youth Initiatives


Youth Initiatives

Engaging and supporting Canada's next generation of Asia-connected students and young professionals

  • Grants Program
    Learn more about our Post-Graduate Research Fellowships (PGRFs) valued at $40,000 for Master’s graduates and $42,000 for PhD graduates
  • Podcast Series by our Post-Graduate Research Fellows
    Listen to the voices of millennials and learn more about contemporary East Asia
  • New Research Postings
    Short-term Junior Research Fellowships (JRFs) are offered on an ongoing basis - check the Work With Us page for new postings
  • Work Experience in Asia
    The Asia Connect program supports Canadian youth in building their own Asia competence through valuable work experience in Asia
  • Blog Series by Post-Grad Research Fellows
    The Arts Watch Series: Vancouver International Film Festival Asia Review
  • Blog Series by Post-Grad Researchers
    The environmental protection performance of China's capital cities and municipalities by comparing air, water, and waste pollution data
  • Meet our New Youth Council
    Committed to raising awareness among Canadian youth of Asia and its importance to Canada, and delivering signature events for other young Canadians
  • Events & Activities
    APF Canada prioritizes engaging Canadian youth on issues that matter to them - learn more about student-focused engagements
  • Grades 6-12 Curriculum
    A resource for BC social studies teachers and students to learn about contemporary Asia and modern Asian history
  • Canada-Japan Youth Exchange Program
    An exchange program for high school students, university students, and young professionals, established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
  • Asia Competence
    Check out our recent publications on building skills and competencies

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