Immigrants by Regional Source as Percentage of Total Immigration

A total of 286,475 people immigrated to Canada in 2017. Of these, 154,785 came from Asia Pacific countries, making it the region of the largest immigrant source for Canada. The proportion of immigrants from the Asia Pacific region, in 2017, increased by 4% from the previous year.

Immigrants by Region as Percentage of Total Immigration
Principal Applicants and Dependants
Africa & the Middle East62,27524.0462,15523.8865,15023.9786,61029.2264,92022.66
Asia Pacific132,09050.99133,71051.37143,91552.94142,32548.02154,78554.03
South & Central America24,9459.6324,9459.5820,9607.7121,7457.3422,1807.74
United States8,4803.278,4953.267,5252.778,4102.849,0953.17
Europe & United Kingdom30,69011.8530,16011.5933,37512.2836,24012.2334,44512.02
Not Stated5550.218300.329050.331,0500.351,0500.37

Source: Courtesy of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). April 2018.

Notes: 1. Immigration figures for each country listed in the above tables refer to permanent residents by source country based on country of citizenship.
2. Due to privacy considerations, the figures in this table have been subjected to random rounding.  Under this method, all figures in the table are randomly rounded either up or down to multiples of *5*.  All values between 0 and 5 are shown as "-".  As a result of random rounding, data may not sum up to the totals indicated.
3. World regions follow IRCC’s grouping. Countries included can be found here:
4.  "Others" in this table includes numbers for Canada, Stateless and Not Stated.

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