Study Permit Applications Approved to Applicants from Asia

The number of study permits issued to Asian foreign students increased by 35% in 2017. India has overtaken China as Canada's top source country in recent years. South Korea experienced strong growth rates of students studying in Canada from 1999 until 2008, and China has grown steadily since 1999. Study permits issued to Indian students grew by 733% between 2009 (permits issued to Indian students totaled 8,640 in 2009) and 2017.

Study Permits
      % Change
16 to 17
Hong Kong, SAR9909561,0189961,0121.6
South Korea7,8288,1038,6008,90910,21914.7
Sri Lanka1401441582562788.6

Source: Courtesy of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). April 2018.

Notes: 1. Statistics are collected from documents issued at missions abroad.
2. The statistics reflect student applications approved in a given year, and not the cumulative total. Any increases are from the calendar year of 2016 to the calendar year of 2017.
3. Statistics do not include the number of short term students (who do not require a study permit) that come to Canada. There is currently no accurate method of collecting data on these short term numbers, even though in many markets, these students account for a very large percentage of students coming to Canada. For example, short term students from South Korea - who represent a large portion of our market - are simply listed as tourists when they enter Canada.
4. Information about the new Immigration and Refugee Protection Act is available at: 
5. The totals are those for the select Asian countries in the table only and not for all study permit applications approved to applicants from Asia.

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