About the Theme

APF Canada provides news, analysis and interactive data on key developments re-shaping the Asia Pacific region and Canada-Asia relations.

We provide up-to-date news and analysis on key developments shaping the Asia Pacific region. From business transactions between Canadian and Asian companies to political events re-shaping the region, we provide comprehensive coverage on political, socio-economic and security stories relevant to Canadians, and the most up-to-date key statistics on Canada-Asia relations through our Asia Factor website.

APF Canada has a series of products to get you up to speed on the latest Asia Pacific news including:

  • The Canada-Asia News Service: a daily summary of Canada-Asia news including links to top headlines from the region
  • Asia Factor: our interactive microsite loaded with graphically-driven statistics illustrating Asia's relationship with each of Canada's provinces and territories
  • Asia At a Glance: an interactive web feature providing a short synopsis of the week's top headlines from Asia
  • Canada-Asia Agenda: a monthly analysis of topical, policy-relevant issues on Canada-Asia relations

A comprehensive initiative, Asia Factor is part of our Understanding Asia Now strategic priority, and explores how Asia matters across Canada by assessing the opportunities and challenges that each province faces as the world's economic centre of gravity shifts towards Asia. It provides a visual-data driven resource of information and analysis on Canada-Asia relations at the provincial level that illustrates the impact that Asia has on our daily life.

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