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  • September 18, 2018 Vancouver BC

    The Future of the Asia Pacific Economy and Trans-Pacific Trade

    Mr. Stewart Patrick, Senior Fellow in Global Governance and Director of the International Institutions and Global Governance (IIGG) Program at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C., will speak to what the implications are, or could be, of the U.S.’s non-participation in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), formerly known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) especially as China proceeds to deepen trade and economic engagement around the world through the Belt and Road Initiative and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

    In addition, his comments will touch on what the American domestic foundations are for re-engagement of Asia in a context of rising regionalism, insularity, and protectionism in the U.S.

    APF Canada is grateful to the U.S. Embassy Ottawa, Office of Public Affairs, as well as to the David See-Chai Lam Centre for International Communication at Simon Fraser, for co-hosting this event.

    Please RSVP for a seat through Eventbrite by clicking on this link.


    Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre
    Room: 1400-1410
    515 West Hastings St
    Vancouver BC
    V6B 5K3


    Tuesday September 18th, 2018 at 5:30pm to 7:00pm 


    For more information, please contact Mandy Ng at

  • August 2, 2018 Vancouver, BC

    Understanding the Implications of Cambodia's 2018 Election

    Voters in Cambodia head to the polls on July 29, 2018 to elect the country’s National Assembly. Join the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada for a conversation with two Cambodia watchers who will share their insights into the elections and possible post-election political developments.

    The lead-up to this election has been fraught with tension. Current Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has held the position since 1985 and is Asia’s longest-serving prime minister, is seeking another term. Meanwhile, concerns have been raised within and outside Cambodia about a lack of genuine political competition and the erosion of freedom of the press. Last year, the largest opposition party, the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP), was dissolved and its leader jailed, while the Phnom Penh Post, the last independent English-language news outlet in the country, was sold in May to a Malaysian businessman with ties to the Cambodian government.

    How this will all net out for the people of Cambodia—specifically, whether they will get pulled further into an authoritarian undertow—remains to be seen.

    About the Presenters:

    Gordon Longmuir:
    Gordon served in the Royal Canadian Navy before joining the (then) Department of External Affairs, with diplomatic postings in Vietnam, Japan (twice), Korea and Thailand. He was Deputy High Commissioner in India from 1991-95, and Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia from 1995-99. He is currently a Research Associate of the Institute of Asian Research at UBC and is active with the Vancouver Branch of the Canadian International Council. He has monitored two previous Cambodian elections.

    Darren Touch:
    Darren Touch is a candidate in the Masters of Public Policy and Global Affairs at UBC and a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa with a baccalaureate in the Joint Honours Political Science and Public Administration (Co-op) program. Darren was formerly a Junior Policy Associate at the Public Policy Forum. He has also worked with Canada's Digital Policy Forum, the Government of Canada at Public Works and Government Services Canada, and Employment and Social Development Canada. Darren was also the youngest-serving president of the Cambodian Association of the Ottawa Valley and the former Vice-President of the Academic Affairs for the public administration program at the University of Ottawa.


    APF Canada Vancouver Boardroom
    900-675 West Hastings Street
    Vancouver BC
    V6B 1N2


    Thursday August 2, 2018 at 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM


    For more information, please contact Mandy Ng at

  • June 11, 2018 Vancouver, BC

    Reclaiming B.C.’s History: An Overview of the Punjabi Canadian Legacy Project

    The Punjabi Canadian Legacy Project (PCLP) is an initiative of the South Asian Studies Institute at the University of the Fraser Valley in partnership with the Royal BC Museum. The goal of the PCLP is to preserve, share, and explore the Punjabi community’s contributions to British Columbian and Canadian history.

    By bringing communities together to record family histories, the PCLP compiles and shares Punjabi historical and contemporary perspectives on immigration, employment, social organizations, inter-generational/intercultural understandings, family settlements, integration, political struggles, and experiences of racism and discriminatory legislation.

    Director Satwinder Bains and Co-Director Kamal Arora will be joined by co-ordinators Sharanjit Sandhra and Ishpreet Singh Anand, who will discuss the details of the project and the importance of archiving migration histories in Canada through hosting a brownbag event at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

    By Invitation Only 


    APF Canada Vancouver 
    900-675 West Hastings Street
    Vancouver BC
    V6B 1N2


    Monday June 11th, 2018 at 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM


    For more information, please contact Mandy Ng at

  • May 7, 2018 Vancouver BC

    The China International Import Expo and Its Implications for Canada-China Trade and Economic Relations

    China is going to hold its first China International Import Expo in Shanghai from November 5-to-10, 2018. Hosted by China's Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, with support from the World Trade Organization and the United Nations, the event aims to promote trade liberalization and economic globalization, and actively open the Chinese market to the world.

    Is the Expo relevant to Canada, and how? Can Canada take advantage of the event to promote its trade and economic relations with China? Please join Dr. Ni Shoubing from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics in a discussion on The China International Import Expo and Its Implications for Canada-China Trade and Economic Relations.

    About Dr. Ni Shoubin

    Dr. Ni Shoubin is Professor and Dean of the School of Law, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE). He earned his Ph.D. in international law in 2005 from East China University of Politics and Law. He was a visiting scholar at Duke Law School from 2011 to 2012. Before joining SUIBE, he worked at investment and commercial banks in Shanghai for six years. He is also an arbitrator and serves as counselor for the Shanghai High Court.

    RSVP required. Email to reserve yourself a seat.


    APF Canada Vancouver Boardroom
    900 - 675 West Hastings Street
    Vancouver BC
    V6B 1N2


    Monday May 7th, 2018 at 3pm to 4pm


    For more information, please contact Mandy Ng at

  • March 2, 2018 Toronto, Ontario

    Save the Date: Asia Business Leaders Advisory Council March 2, 2018

    The Asia Business Leaders Advisory Council (ABLAC) comprises a high-level group of Asian and Canadian business leaders convened annually to identify and articulate opportunities for improved Canadian-Asian business engagement. Launched in 2016, ABLAC has already established a critical forum to catalyze dialogue and action. To date, the focus has centred on the importance of a strong and distinctive Canadian brand in Asia, and the determinants of a successful Canadian pivot towards the region.

    This year's meeting includes an exploratory session examining the current global context affecting Canada’s relationships with Asia, and a consultative session assisting with the development of a Canadian Asia Strategy for the 21st century.

    Please note that this is an invitation-only event.


    Toronto, Ontario


    March 2, 2018


    Events Manager, Mandy Ng:


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