About the Theme

The future of the Asia Pacific will be shaped by changes in demography and society; economic development and finance; energy and the environment; technology and innovation; and, security.

This transformation provides opportunities for Canada to advance sustainability in the region, which APF Canada supports by offering solutions to issues surrounding climate change, energy, food security, and natural resources across the Asia Pacific region.

APF Canada builds relationships and fosters co-operation between government and industry in Canada and Asia, and encourages Asia Pacific practitioners to propose policies, share technologies, and partner on new initiatives that will help Asia prepare for and respond to interconnected and intensifying non-traditional security concerns that affect the environment, economic development, and the security of the region.

It is the role of APF Canada to assist government and industry leaders in understanding how changes to Asia's environmental, energy and natural resources landscape affect Canada, and in catalyzing Canada-Asia trade and co-operation on energy and environment issues.

We achieve these objectives by connecting Canadian companies, NGOs, policy-makers, climate experts, and energy and natural resource analysts with their counterparts in Asia, and by generating Asia-focused policy analysis.

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