About the Theme

APF Canada supports government and industry in Canada and Asia in promoting trade, investment and innovation opportunities across the Asia Pacific region.

With the remarkable growth rates of emerging economies throughout the Asia Pacific region, the global engine of economic growth is shifting from the economies of the West to those of Asia. Coinciding with this growth is a heightened demand for energy, goods and services. Canada must position itself now to take advantage of these new opportunities in the region by expanding its trade and investment architecture and building partnerships in the field of innovation.

APF Canada is a leader in analyzing Canada's trade and investment relations in the Asia Pacific region. In our work on promoting trade, investment, and innovation we produce timely research and actionable advice for government, business and other stakeholders on issues that matter to Canadians.

APF Canada produces evidence-based research on topical themes related to the flow of goods, services, capital, people, and ideas across the Asia Pacific. The Foundation also convenes events with relevant stakeholders and opinion leaders to discuss Canada's current and future economic engagement with Asia.

Our Canada-Asia mission includes encouraging two-way business relationships, fostering linkages between innovation ecosystems, supporting greater market access, increasing export capacity and improving Asia Pacific investment opportunities.

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