Frequently Asked Questions

This section helps demystify, troubleshoot, and generally provide background information on CanWIN and the CanWIN Portal. For immediate help, contact

How do I update my member profile and photo?

To review and update your member profile information, click on the grey ‘Account’ tab in the top right corner. Make sure to save any edits to the profile or they will not be updated. 

How do I become a CanWIN Champion?

CanWIN Champions are a group of outstanding women who donate their time and energy to participating above and beyond by hosting workshops, speaking at events, or contributing in other ways. If you would like to apply to become a Champion, please reach out to

Does CanWIN host in-person events?

Yes, we are looking forward to hosting in-person events– particularly an annual members’ summit– once COVID restrictions allow. 

Can I invite someone from APF Canada to speak about CanWIN at an event?

Absolutely, we love speaking with audiences about women entrepreneurship and global trade. Please reach out to if you have an event in mind. 

Can I recommend CanWIN to someone?

Of course! If you would like to recommend someone, please send them to our webpage to learn more.

Does CanWIN partner with other women's organizations?

Absolutely! No one organization can do everything, so we partner with organizations that compliment CanWIN’s  mission to host programming, events, and share resources. If you would like to partner with CanWIN, please reach out to

Can I donate to support CanWIN?

Yes, as a non-profit organization we can offer tax deductible receipts for donations made to support APF Canada and CanWIN programming. Please visit this page to donate or contact to discuss sponsorship options.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, please click "Cancel Account" at the bottom of your account page. Your account information will be removed from the membership directory, but we are required to host that information for a minimum of two years before it can be purged from the server. 

How can I report an issue with Slack or the CanWIN portal?

If you need help with the Slack workspace or the CanWIN portal, please contact

Where is CanWIN data stored?

Data for CanWIN is hosted on APF Canada’s private servers located in Canada. Personal information under the control of APF Canada is subject to the Privacy Act, which establishes the requirements for its collection, use, disclosure, retention and protection. In accordance with the Privacy Act, you have a right to request access to any personal information which is kept about you by APF Canada as well as to request its correction. You also have the right to complain to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding any of the aspects referred to above. Visit our website for more information about APF Canada's Privacy Policy

My question isn't listed here.

Please reach out to for assistance.

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Do you have a resource to share?

Post about it on the CanWIN Slack Workspace!

(P.S. we recommend on either the #news-opportunities or #news-announcements channels)