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Emerging Researcher Wins Mitacs Award for Project with APF Canada

Daniela Tuchel from Royal Roads University won the Mitacs Master's Award for Outstanding Innovation for a research project with the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) on foreign credentials. She received the award at the recent 4th Annual Mitacs Awards Reception which celebrates the contributions of emerging researchers and exceptional leaders in the academic and business communities who are participating in Mitacs programs aimed at fostering research and innovation in Canada. Mitacs is a non-profit, national research organization that manages and funds research and training programs for students and postdoctoral fellows in partnership with universities, industry and government in Canada.

Information summarized from:  Mitacs Press Release

Canpotex Signs Agreements with India's Coromandel Int'l, Tata Chemicals

Saskatoon-based Canpotex signed two separate sales agreements with India's Coromandel International Ltd. (CIL) and Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) to support the sale of Saksatchewan potash to India over the next several years. In addition, Canpotex signed an enhanced market development Agreement with CIL, TCL and Indian Potash Limited (IPL). Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall witnessed the signing of the agreements in the context of his trade mission to India. Canpotex is the off-shore marketing arm of Saskatchewan potash producers. CIL manufactures a wide range of fertilizers. TCL is a global company with interests in businesses that focus on living, industry and farm essentials. IPL is an agency for import-handling, promotion and marketing of potash in India.

Information summarized from:  Government of Saskatchewan Press Release

Western University Hosts Delegation from China's Nanjing Medical University

Western University will host delegates from the Nanjing Medical University of Nanjing, China to help address the gap of primary care physicians in China. Using the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry's family medicine program as a model, academic and clinical leaders from Nanjing Medical University will gain knowledge of how to set-up family medicine training programs at home. Western University is located in London, ON.

Information summarized from:  Western University Press Release

FPInnovations, Quebec Organizations Sign MOU for Construction of Wood Buildings in China

Montreal-based FPInnovations and three other Quebec-based organizations, GIGABASE, Quebec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB), and Coarchitecture, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with China's Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences Group (SRIBS). Under the MOU, the organizations will participate in a feasibility study for the construction of a six-storey wood-frame building and a 12 to 15 storey research and testing tower out of wood or hybrid systems, to be built in Shanghai, China. FPInnovations will provide scientific and technical support on the design of medium to tall wood structures and application of the Quebec building code in China. The MOU was signed during the recent trade mission led by the premiers of Quebec, Ontario and Prince Edward Island. FPInnovations is a not-for-profit R &D institute that specializes in the creation of scientific solutions in support of the Canadian forest sector. GIGABASE is a Montreal-based green building network with a focus on China. QWEB is a not-for-profit organization that showcases wood products from Quebec in export markets. Coarchitecture is a sustainability-focused architecture firm based in Quebec City.

Information summarized from:  FPInnovations Press Release

Export Quebec, Quebec Government Office in Mumbai Host Trade Mission to India

Export Quebec and the Quebec Government Office in Mumbai will host a multi-sector trade mission to Guajarat, India from January 6-15, 2015. The mission will offer Quebec-based companies an opportunity to better understand the Indian market, to meet potential business partners, and to participate in the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015. For more information in French, click here.

Information summarized from:  Government of Quebec Press Release