Canada-Asia News Service

A daily summary of Canada-Asia business and government news including top headlines from the region.

News Service Archive

A searchable archive of more than 14,000 stories on Canada-Asia business and government news run in the News Service since 1999.


Canada-Asia Agenda

Monthly expert analysis of topical and policy-relevant issues on Canada’s political, economic and security relations with Asia.

Research Reports

An occasional series presenting research results on areas of Canada’s involvement with Asia undertaken by Canadian and international scholars.


National Opinion Polls

Results of a nationwide opinion poll on various aspects of Canadians’ attitudes toward Asia.

Survey Reports

Results of opinion surveys on Asia, with a primary focus on business and investment intentions by Canadian companies.



A collection of opinion pieces, speeches and presentations on Canada-Asia issues by APF Canada staff, fellows and occasional outside guests.

Speeches and Presentations

APF Canada staff speeches and presentations.

Special Project

Energy and the Environment

Analysis on energy and environment issues in Asia and on the role that Canada-Asia cooperation can play in creating a more sustainable energy future.