Canada's Merchandise Trade with Pakistan

Canada’s Trade with Pakistan (C$)
 January - DecemberJanuary - September
Trade Balance421,272,611-215,12836,935,777-97,358,905

Source: Trade Data Online. Industry Canada. November 28, 2013.
Reproduced with the permission of the Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada.


Canada’s Merchandise Trade with Pakistan, 2012
 Canadian Imports from PakistanCanadian Exports to Pakistan
 Merchandise Classification%Merchandise Classification%
1Other textile articles, etc.26.04Oil seeds and misc. fruit, grain, etc.45.15
2Knitted or crocheted apparel21.16Edible vegetables, roots and tubers11.01
3Woven clothing and apparel articles15.01Iron and steel8.73
4Leather articles7.50Wood and wood articles, charcoal6.07
5Cotton, cotton yarns and cotton fabrics3.83Boilers, mechanical appliances, etc.5.65
6Lac, gums, resins3.37Other textile articles, etc.4.58
7Cereals3.35Mineral fuels, oils4.01
8Furniture and stuffed furnishings2.32Optical, medical, scientific, technical instrumentation2.83
9Carpets and other textile floor coverings1.70Woodpulp; paper or paperboard scraps2.69
10Man-made staple fibers, yarns and fabrics1.53Electrical machinery and equipment1.47
 Top 10 as % of total from Pakistan85.82Top 10 as % of total to Pakistan92.19
 Pakistani imports as % of Cdn total0.06Pakistani exports as % of Cdn total0.06

Source: Trade Data Online. Industry Canada.  7 March 2013.
Reproduced with the permission of the Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Note: All merchandise is assigned Harmonised System (HS) codes in order that accurate trade records can be kept, tariffs collected appropriately, customs procedures followed, and so forth. The HS system of codes, at its most disaggregated, assigns a 10-digit code to a given item. As the degree of aggregation increases, the number of digits in the code decreases. Thus, for example, the 6-digit HS code assigned to a motor vehicle with a spark-type ignition and a cylinder capacity of more than 3000 cc is 870323. The 2-digit HS code (in this case it is 87) includes not only this type of vehicle, but also many other types of vehicles and a wide variety of vehicle accessories and parts. The table above is based on Harmonised System (HS) codes at the 2-digit level. To learn more about the HS Code system used by Statistics Canada go to