The Canada's Asia Challenge: Building Skills and Knowledge for the Next Generation conference will bring together representatives of education institutions, governments, the private sector and community groups to identify priorities, build networks and share best practices. Register now.

In this issue of Canada-Asia Agenda, Yves Tiberghien traces the root and trigger causes of the current Hong Kong protests, arguing that they are the due to the collision of a rigid political model coupled with a reliance by politicians on narrow business interests with the aspirations of a young generation seeking social change and new opportunities. 

In the latest issue of Canada-Asia Agenda, our Senior Fellow Yuezhi Zhao discusses why, despite a 2013 internet penetration rate of 46.9%, has the prevalence of social media in China not brought about a Arab-spring style "Weibo revolution."

The Asia Factor

Our new interactive project, The Asia Factor, allows you to explore Asia's impact in each of Canada's provinces and territories through instant data visualization, and more. Discover how Asia matters to you!

Canada's Asia Challenge 2014

This conference will be held in Calgary October 15-17. Participants will come away with priorities and best practices in preparing young Canadians to be effective working in and with Asia.

The National Conversation on Asia

The National Conversation on Asia (NCA) is a broad and inclusive initiative to get Canadians thinking and talking about what Asia means to Canada.

Canada-Asia 2013

Canada-Asia 2013 was held in Vancouver June 3-5. The event brought together top minds from around the world to discuss the latest developments in Asia and to assess the implications for Canada.