In 2014 Indonesian voters will select a new government in a series of legislative and presidential elections. In this issue of Canada-Asia Agenda, Nathan Allen discusses the factors that are likely to impact the election, including the frontrunners, their parties and agendas, the political climate, and why Canadian businesses should pay attention.


This new series of infographics illustrates how Asia matters to Canada by visualizing statistics and information on trade, investment, immigration, tourism and city-twinning. The infographics are part of The Asia Factor, a new APF Canada project that will examine how each Canadian province and territory is interacting with Asia. 


When Ottawa moved to reinvigorate relations with Southeast Asia in 2012, there was some scepticism whether the full-court press on this neglected sub-region would have staying power. In this issue of Canada-Asia Agenda, Jim Della-Giacoma analyzes the efficacy of Canada's efforts to deepen its relations with ASEAN nations through a comparison with Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.

The Asia Factor

The Asia Factor explores how Asia matters across Canada. It is a comprehensive source of information and analysis on Canada-Asia relations at the federal and provincial levels. Stay tuned for the launch.

The National Conversation on Asia

The National Conversation on Asia (NCA) is a broad and inclusive initiative to get Canadians thinking and talking about what Asia means to Canada.

Canada-Asia 2013

Canada-Asia 2013 was held in Vancouver June 3-5. The event brought together top minds from around the world to discuss the latest developments in Asia and to assess the implications for Canada.

Canada-China Human Capital Dialogue

The Canada-China Human Capital Dialogue is a Track II research and discussion forum on the opportunities and challenges of managing and capitalizing talent flows between Canada and China.

Infographic: Canada's Trade with Asia

Click on the timeline map to explore how Canada’s trade with Asia has changed since 1990.