Senior Fellowships

Each year, the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada appoints a number of Senior Fellows to the roster of experts who are associated with the Foundation’s work. We typically select individuals who have made significant contributions to Canada-Asia relations in one of the following areas: scholarship, public policy, business, diplomacy, arts and culture, and civil society. In addition to recognizing the recipients’ accomplishments, Senior Fellowships also provide an opportunity for the Foundation to engage with experts on areas of special interest. Each appointment includes an honorarium for a two-year term.

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada accepts third-party nominations for its Senior Fellowship program. To suggest a candidate, the nominator must provide a letter that:

• Identifies the nominee’s contributions to Canada-Asia relations;

• Describes how the nominee would contribute to the Foundation and its stakeholders;

• Includes a brief biography or CV of the nominator; and

• Provides contact details for the nominee. A CV of the nominee may be included as part of the letter.

Self-nominations will not be accepted. The Foundation will send a written acknowledgement to all nominators and will be responsible for following up with suitable candidates.

Suitable candidates will be selected based on:

• Minimum of ten years of professional and/or research experience on issues relevant to the Canada-Asia relationship, particularly in the areas of public policy, business, security, diplomacy, education, and civil society;

• Proven leadership, analytical, research and communications skills;

• Ability to contribute to one of the Foundation's thematic pillars:

  • Promoting Trade, Investment, and Innovation
  • Building Skills and Competencies
  • Mobilizing Energy Assets
  • Understanding Asia Now

and/or ability to fill a geographic knowledge gap for the Foundation;

• Experience in engaging in high-level Asia Pacific policy networks particularly with government, business, and civil society;

• Canadian citizen or permanent resident;

• Hold an affiliation with a Canadian or Asian university, college, or company.

Past and present Senior Fellows contribute in various ways including writing opinion pieces, advising and leading research projects, contributing policy-focused papers, giving talks, chairing task forces, organizing and participating in events. 

Where to Apply
Applications and questions may be emailed to: or mailed to:
Research Grants Program
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
900-675 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, B.C.
V6B 1N2

Applications are accepted in English and French.

*The Foundation reserves the right to cite the results of research funded under the grants program, and grant recipients may be called upon for media and outreach activities coordinated by the Foundation.

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