Senior Staff

Our senior staff members bring a range of international expertise and strategic policy experience to the dialogue around Canada-Asia engagement.

President and CEO, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Vice-President, Operations and Networks
Vice-President, Toronto Office
Vice-President, Prairie Region
Area of Expertise: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
Senior Advisor, Toronto Office
Area of Expertise: India, higher education, government relations, business development

Research Staff

Alisha Clancy
Program Manager, APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership
Jordan Dupuis
Program Manager, Toronto Office
Scott Harrison
Program Manager
Iris Jin
Senior Program Manager, Trade, Investment, Innovation and Canada-China Relations
Serena Ko
Program Manager, Networks and Research Grants
Yoel Kornreich
Post-Graduate Research Scholar
Justin Kwan
Project Specialist, Research, Curriculum, and Youth Programming
Andrew Weiling Lee
Research Associate
Xiaoting Liu
Post-Graduate Research Scholar
Amar Nijhawan
Project Specialist, APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership Project
Nadine Oliver
Project Specialist, The Asia Factor in Ontario
Kate Scullin
Program Officer, Kakehashi Project
Pauline Stern
Project Specialist, Trade and Investment
Kai Valdez-Bettcher
Post-Graduate Research Scholar
Mohit Verma
Post-Graduate Research Scholar
Erin Williams
Program Manager, Skills and Competencies
Yushu Zhu
Program Manager, Surveys and Polling

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