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Supporting transpacific organizations that convene business, government, and academic stakeholders

APF Canada is Canada’s leading convener on Asia topics, with our networks and partnerships spanning the Pacific. As a nexus of Canada-Asia engagement, the Foundation holds key ties with public and private sector stakeholders, enabling us to lead the conversation on key issues and mobilize the next generation of Asian experts in Canada.

The Foundation leads and supports Women’s Business Missions to key Asian economies, engages a cohort of Distinguished Fellows, and collaborates with Institutional Partners across the Pacific. It is also the designated centre and secretariat for four transpacific organizations that bring together, in different combinations, government, business, and academia.

Canadian Women’s International Network (CanWIN)

The Canadian Women’s International Network (CanWIN) is an international ecosystem of women assisting Canadian women in international business through a powerful network of connections, ongoing advocacy and support to connect thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and gender equality organizations to advance economic equality and empower Canadian women entrepreneurs through engagement with growth markets in Asia.

Women’s Business Missions

APF Canada’s Women’s Business Missions provide a bridge to key markets in Asia for Canadian women-led or founded companies and support the Government of Canada’s efforts to promote international trade diversification and advance women’s economic empowerment by encouraging Canadian women in business to consider expansion into Asian markets.

Distinguished Fellows

APF Canada’s Distinguished Fellows are subject matter experts in various aspects of Canada-Asia relations and provide us with valuable insight and guidance, participating in dialogues and public events, offering commentary, informing research projects, and responding to domestic and international media requests.


The Asia Business Leaders Advisory Council (ABLAC) comprises a high-level group of Asian and Canadian business leaders convened annually by APF Canada to identify and articulate opportunities for improved Canadian-Asian business engagement. Launched in 2016, ABLAC has already established a critical forum to catalyze dialogue and action.


APF Canada serves as the secretariat for Canada's APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) members, providing research, analysis, and administrative support. This private sector body presents recommendations to APEC Leaders in an annual dialogue and advises APEC officials on business sector priorities and concerns. 


The Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) is a unique tripartite partnership of senior individuals from business and industry, government, academic and other intellectual circles. All participate in their private capacity and discuss freely on current, practical policy issues of the Asia Pacific region.

APEC Study Center of Canada

APF Canada serves as Canada's designated Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Study Center. Universities and research institutes around the APEC region host APEC Study Centers (ASCs). Today you can find more than 50 APEC Study Centers in 20 of the 21 APEC member economies.

Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP)

The Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP) is a non-governmental (Track II) process for dialogue on security issues in the Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is the Canada Member Committee (CSCAP Canada); APF Canada Vice-President, Research & Strategy Dr. Jeffrey Reeves, representing CSCAP Canada, is the Non-AEAN Co-Chair (2023-2025).

Institutional Partners

APF Canada is engaged with partners both in Canada and across the Pacific. These partnerships enable us to widen our networks, inform our research, and establish ourselves as the primary resource for Canada-Asia research and policy advice.