Vina Nadjibulla headshot

Vina Nadjibulla

Vice-President, Research & Strategy, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Vina Nadjibulla joined APF Canada as Vice-President, Research & Strategy in November, 2023.  

Vina leads APF Canada’s research, education, and network support activities. She also oversees the Foundation’s granting and research fellowships programs as well as development and capacity building projects. She is a frequent media commentator on geopolitics, Canadian foreign policy, and Canada-Asia relations, with a focus on India and China.

As an international security and peacebuilding specialist, Vina spent a significant portion of her career working at the United Nations headquarters and in peacekeeping and peacebuilding missions in West and Central Africa. She has more than two decades of professional experience in high-level diplomacy, advocacy, policy-making, and political risk analysis. From war zones to board rooms, Vina has worked with national governments, non-profits, and philanthropic organizations in Canada, the United States, China, and a number of countries in Africa and Central Asia.

Vina is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia and a Senior Research Fellow at The Soufan Center, a conflict resolution think-tank headquartered in New York. 

Vina holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and is fluent in English, Russian, and Farsi and speaks intermediate Mandarin Chinese. A citizen of Canada, she was born in the Soviet Union, raised in Afghanistan, and educated in the U.S.

Vina Nadjibulla can be contacted via email at