APF Canada Welcomes Inaugural Cohort of Canada-Asia Young Professionals Fellows (2022-2023)

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is pleased to welcome the first cohort of Canada-Asia Young Professionals Fellows. This group of current graduate students and young professionals from across Canada will participate in a nine-month, curated program of discussions, debates, and workshops in support of APF Canada’s work in advancing knowledge and understanding of Canada’s relationship with the economies and peoples of the Asia Pacific.

"APF Canada is committed to increasing young Canadians’ awareness and understanding of Asia and supporting the diversity of voices that will help shape the future of Canada-Asia relations," said APF Canada President and CEO Jeff Nankivell. "I know I speak for the entire Foundation when I say we look forward to working with and alongside this group of incredibly bright, talented, and driven young Canadians as we navigate a changed world and chart Canada’s course toward deeper engagement and sustainable development with the dynamic economies of Asia."

APF Canada’s 2022-2023 Canada-Asia Young Professionals Fellows cohort comprises 21 Canadians between the ages of 22 and 34 from across the country and a variety of backgrounds, including master’s and doctoral students and young professionals working in government, law, economics, and finance. Those interested in the Fellows program can visit our online information page to learn more about this new opportunity for young Canadians to have a meaningful impact on the future of Canada-Asia relations.