(Postponed) March 23: Canada's 'Broad Diversification' in Asia

Vancouver, BC

Jack Austin Centre for Asia Pacific Business Studies Presents: Canada as a 21st Century Pacific Power: Toward 'Broad Diversification' in Asia

Dr. Jeffrey Reeves, Vice-President, Research for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, will discuss the Foundation's new blueprint for a Canada-Asia strategy based on dominant regional trends and institutions, Canada's regional comparative advantage and value-add, and Canadian national interests.

The Asian region continues to grow in importance and in complexity for Canada. Opportunities for diplomatic and commercial engagement have expanded, for example, around areas including middle power diplomacy and economic regionalism. Concurrently, uncertainty and instability in the Asia Pacific – whether in the form of trade tensions between the United States and China, a deterioration in bilateral relations between Canada and China, or a creeping militarization of issues ranging from the South China Sea to India-controlled Kashmir – have grown and continue to expand.


Simon Fraser University
Segal Graduate School
Room 2800 - 500 Granville Street 
Vancouver BC V6C 1W6


Postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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