Mapping School Re-openings: Lessons from Key Asian Economies

Canada’s schools are in the midst of welcoming students back to the classroom. The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is introducing a new tool in the context of this transition: a Back To School storymap that explores the policies and practices for school re-openings and how back-to-school plans in Canada stack up against those of our counterparts in the Asia Pacific.

Take a video tour of our Back to School Storymap

Specifically, this new map-set in our ongoing project presents an at-a-glance look at three aspects of school re-openings:

  1. Where and how children are learning (e.g. online, in-person, or some mixture of the two).
  2. Whether Asian jurisdictions are making use of innovative procedures such as staggering in-person attendance or grouping students into cohorts or ‘bubbles.’
  3. How policies differ with respect to wearing masks in and around school.

While the data and precedents are only now emerging, many Asia Pacific school systems have a head start on Canada, having re-opened their schools weeks or even months ago. APF Canada’s interactive, geo-enabled overview of 15 education jurisdictions (four of them broken down to the state or province level) provides a glimpse of what we might expect here in Canada as parents, teachers, school staff, and, of course, students adjust to back-to-school life in the ‘new normal.’