UBC Scholars at Allard School of Law and the Institute for Asian Research Release Policy Recommendations for Integrating Trade Policy and Human Rights in Asia Pacific

VANCOUVER, B.C. – June 6, 2016 – With the Trans-Pacific Partnership currently under review and free trade agreements in discussion with several economies in Asia, the question of linking human rights with trade policy is an important one.

A group of leading Asian law scholars at the Allard School of Law and the Institute of Asian Research at the University of British Columbia (UBC) has released a series of policy recommendations for more effective approaches to integrating trade policy and human rights in the Asia Pacific region.

“Integrating human rights and trade policy would further Canada’s prosperity agenda by strengthening trade and investment relations, while also providing a foundation for improved human rights protection,” said Dr. Pitman Potter, Professor at the Allard School of Law, UBC and HSBC Chair of Asian Research at UBC's Institute of Asian Research.

The report is embargoed until 5:00 pm EDT June 7, 2016.

The policy recommendations are the result of a seven-year research program conducted by the Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution (APDR) project at UBC. After a series of roundtables held across the country with institutional partners, the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, the Canada-China Business Council, the Asian Institute at the Munk Centre of the University of Toronto, and the Institute for Research on Public Policy, the APDR has put forth several recommendations on issues such as: standard setting; monitoring and enforcement; expanding the role of women in trade policy and practice; and, linking trade treaties with human rights protection.   

About the Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Program

The Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Project is based at the Allard School of Law at UBC with support from the Institute of Asian Research, and involves an extensive network of scholars from across UBC, North America and Asia. This Project supports research, analysis and policy proposals on cross-cultural dispute resolution in the areas of trade and human rights, with particular attention to Canada, China, India, Indonesia and Japan. Information about the APDR project can be accessed at website: www.apdr.iar.ubc.ca.

To obtain a copy of the embargoed report, please email or call the contacts below.

Dr. Pitman B. Potter:
Professor of Law, Allard School of Law
Office: 604-822-5653

Simmi Puri
Communications Manager
Office: 604-822-4172