APF Canada Launches Investment Monitor Project to Track Canada-Asia Pacific Investments

VANCOUVER, B.C. – APRIL 10, 2017 – The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is pleased to announce the launch of the APF Canada Investment Monitor project. This three-year initiative comprises an interactive web portal and a series of annual research reports that will track and catalogue foreign direct investment (FDI) by Asia Pacific-based companies in Canada, and by Canada-based companies in the Asia Pacific.

Each year of the project will focus on a different aspect of Canada-Asia Pacific investment relations:

•          Year One: Asia Pacific investment in Canada

•          Year Two: Canadian investment in the Asia Pacific

•          Year Three: City-to-city investment between Canada and the Asia Pacific

The data, website, and reports will supplement the current coverage of Canada-Asia Pacific investment ties with the goal of improving policy development on FDI, supporting businesses in decision making, catalyzing academic research on investment, and helping provide facts for an informed public debate on foreign investment.

“The current body of official statistics does not paint a complete picture of the investment relationship between Canada and the Asia Pacific,” said APF Canada President and CEO, Stewart Beck. “The goal of the Investment Monitor is to supplement and enrich the official data set, and to improve Canadians’ knowledge of this critical relationship to better inform public debate and federal, provincial and municipal policy-making.”

The new online resource was developed in partnership with The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, and through the generous support of the Government of British Columbia, AdvantageBC, the Bank of Canada, and Export Development Canada. New materials will be added to the interactive website over the course of the project.

The companion Investment Monitor Report 2017 is also accessible online at www.investmentmonitor.ca/insights-reports.

Learn More:

Explore the Investment Monitor at: www.investmentmonitor.ca

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