APF Canada Announces New Team of Distinguished Fellows

March 9, 2018, Vancouver, BC – The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) and its Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of 13 new Fellows and the reappointment of 10 returning Fellows to its roster of experts on Canada-Asia relations.

APF Canada’s Distinguished Fellows possess knowledge and demonstrated work in the fields of Canada-Asia relations and policy. They provide APF Canada with valuable insight and guidance, participating in dialogues and public events, offering commentary and responding to media requests, and leveraging their networks to assist APF Canada in its mission to be Canada's catalyst for engagement with Asia and Asia's bridge to Canada. APF Canada is excited to further develop its research and programs with these notable figures.

APF Canada’s newly appointed Fellows include:

  • Mr. David Alan Byng - Royal Roads University
  • Mr. Dan Ciuriak - Ciuriak Consulting
  • Dr. Ken Coates - University of Saskatchewan
  • Mr. Brad Gilmour - Mouralea Trade, Agriculture and Resource Consulting
  • Dr. Carin Holroyd - University of Saskatchewan
  • Ms. Margaret McCuaig-Johnston - University of Ottawa, University of Alberta
  • Dr. Jonathan Berkshire Miller – The Japan Institute of International Affairs
  • Dr. Stephen Robert Nagy - International Christian University, Tokyo
  • Dr. Patricia Nelson - Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Mr. Nicholas Parker - Parker Venture Management Inc., Global Acceleration Partners Inc.
  • Mr. Michael Small - SFU Centre for Dialogue
  • Dr. James Tiessen - Ryerson University
  • Dr. David Welch - CIGI, Balsillie School of International Affairs

The Foundation’s reappointed Fellows include:

  • Mr. Don W. Campbell - DLA Piper
  • Mr. Joseph Caron - Former Canadian Diplomat/Ambassador
  • Dr. Michael Goldberg - Sauder School of Business, UBC
  • Ms. Deanna Horton - Munk School of Global Affairs
  • Dr. Jean-Michel Montsion - York University, Glendon College
  • Dr. Ito Peng - University of Toronto
  • Dr. Pitman Potter - University of British Columbia
  • Dr. Daniel Savas - Simon Fraser University
  • Mr. Hugh L. Stephens - University of Calgary, Royal Roads University
  • Dr. Yves Tiberghien - University of British Columbia

“We welcome our new and reappointed Distinguished Fellows and the diversity of knowledge and experience they bring to the Foundation,” said APF Canada President and CEO Stewart Beck. “Our new Fellows from across Canada will provide us with strategic guidance and support as we continue to bring awareness of the opportunities for Canada and Canadians in the dynamic and growing economies of the Asia Pacific region.”

Each year, APF Canada and its Board of Directors appoints a number of fellows to the roster of experts who are associated with the Foundation’s work. These fellows are selected on the merits of significant contributions to Canada-Asia relations in the areas of: scholarship, public policy, business, diplomacy, and civil society. Fellows provide input and advice to APF Canada’s research, events and major projects.


Visit APF Canada at www.asiapacific.ca.

For more information please contact:
Michael Roberts
Communications Manager
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Office: 604-630-1527