APF Canada Releases 2019 National Opinion Poll: Canadian Views on High-tech Investment from Asia

VANCOUVER, BCJune 12, 2019 – The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is pleased to announce the release of its 2019 National Opinion Poll: Canadian Views on High-tech Investment from Asia, which surveyed Canadians on their attitudes toward Asian investment in Canada’s high-tech sector, a core economic driver of tomorrow.

The rise of Asia as a technological powerhouse and source of growing investment capital underscores the importance of the region to Canada’s high-tech businesses and overall economic growth. As the U.S.-China tech war continues, however, Canada finds itself at a crossroads between tapping into the vast potential of Asian investment while safeguarding national security and Canadian values, particularly when it comes to China, which has entrenched itself as a global disruptor in the high-tech space.

Against this backdrop, APF Canada’s 2019 NOP charts Canadian attitudes toward Asian FDI in Canada’s high-tech sector, key drivers of these attitudes, and the expected role of the federal government in engaging Asia in Canada’s high-tech sector. In its findings, the 2019 NOP highlights the driving forces of an overall skepticism, particularly where Chinese investment and the telecommunications sector are concerned, as well as room and opportunities for further engagement with Asia in this critical sector.

“Our 2019 National Opinion Poll on Canadian views on Asian investment in Canada’s high-tech sector clearly demonstrates that Canadians acknowledge and understand the pivotal role Asia will play in global innovation and advancement, but also highlights areas and issues of concern to Canadians that will demand further public policy considerations,” said APF Canada President and CEO, Stewart Beck. “Given the federal government’s investment in the Canada Innovation Superclusters Initiative and other innovation policy issues, as well as the ongoing U.S.-China trade tensions and their ongoing implications for Canada, it is important that we are able to gauge Canadian’s thoughts on Asian investment in our high-tech sectors.”

The full 2019 NOP results are available at www.asiapacific.ca

Full link: https://www.asiapacific.ca/surveys/national-opinion-polls/2019-national-opinion-poll-canadian-views-high-tech  

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